Core advantages

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Reliable performance

Shanghai Yuanan provides customers with value-optimized product solutions. We have nearly 20 years of professional experience in the field of sanitary fluid equipment such as sanitary valves, sanitary pumps, sanitary steel pipes and sanitary pipe fittings. After years of market testing, we have reliable products and proprietary solutions for different industries and application environments.

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Technological Intelligence

Shanghai Yuanan is one of the few domestic companies that can produce high-tech sanitary fluid equipment products, especially in the high-end sanitary valve industry. Shanghai Yuanan has filled the gaps in the two domestic fields of sanitary fluid equipment exports and high-end sanitary valves. We have outstanding innovation capabilities in the field of sanitary fluid equipment such as sanitary valves, sanitary pumps, sanitary steel pipes and sanitary pipe fittings. We continue to innovate cutting-edge technologies, and respond to the continuous transformation and upgrading of related equipment products in a timely manner with innovative product technology and professionalism to protect you convoy! Choosing Shanghai Yuanan chooses professional technology, technological performance, reliable products, efficient services and ingenious craftsmanship.

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Replace foreign imports

Shanghai Yuanan is a high-quality supplier of sanitary fluid equipment. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO, IDF, DIN, ASME-BPE, SMS and 3A industrial standards. The testing is strict, complete, and the quality is in full compliance with GMP requirements, reaching international standards in the industry. It fully meets the extremely high hygiene, cleanliness, precision and safety requirements of the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, and can completely replace foreign imported products. At the same time, Shanghai Yuanan provides you with a full range of services, optimizing the production process, reducing procurement costs and energy consumption, convenient and thoughtful after-sales service, and better cost performance!

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Craftsmanship Spirit and Made with wisdom

Shanghai Yuanan inherits the spirit of ingenuity, adheres to the concept of "more refined, better, and made by Yuanan", selects high-quality raw materials, uses imported CNC and other world-class CNC processing equipment, and cooperates with Germany in technology, adhering to a rigorous and practical style , Continuously optimize the process and technology, manufacture high-quality and more reliable clean products, "manufacture with heart, win in quality", take the road of intelligent manufacturing innovation, build a national brand, and make Chinese manufacturing a glory!