Ultra thin flange ball valve

Ultra thin flange ball valve is a new generation of ultra short distance flange ball valve developed by introducing Italian technology for domestic design. It is also called "Italian ball valve" and "double clip ball valve" in China. The model normally given in China is q71f-16p double clip ball valve. However, it has its own flange at both ends with the standard clamp ball valve, so the ultra-thin ball valve can completely replace the flange ball valve.

Ultra thin flange ball valve body adopts standard ISO high platform. It can be equipped with pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, valve position feedback, mechanical positioner and intelligent positioner. It can meet the needs of various automatic control processes.

Valve body material:CF8(304)、CF3(304L)、CF8M(316)、CF3M(316L)
Class pressure temperature:GB/T 12224-2005
Working pressure:1.0Mpa-2.50Mpa
Working temperature:-15℃ -180℃
Nominal diameter:DN15-DN200




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