卫生型气动截止 / 换向阀

YAG sanitary pneumatic stop / directional valve

Forging sanitary ball type globe valve / directional valve is mainly used for material cut-off and valve position switching. The original steel forging manufacturing process has very strong rigidity. It can withstand higher acid and alkali under the action of temperature, so that the valve can operate stably for a longer time on the process pipe. Its flexible design makes it widely applicable. For example, it can be used as a stop valve with two or three pipeline interfaces or a directional valve with three to five pipeline interfaces, which is widely used in beer, beverage, dairy products, pharmaceutical, bioengineering and other fields.

Parts in contact with materials: AISI 316L or AISI 304
Temperature range: - 10 ℃ to + 95 ℃ (EPDM seal ring)
Sealing material of contact part: EPDM




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