Safety breathing valve of aseptic tank

Sanitary storage tank is often used in food fermentation and other industries. In order to prevent the invasion of microorganisms in the atmosphere, positive pressure clean air is often used to protect the tank, so as to prevent the non clean air from entering the tank. At present, most of the negative pressure vessels can only bear the negative pressure, that is to say, most of the non precision pressure tanks can only bear the inner pressure.

Contact part between valve body and material: AISI 304 or AISI 316L
Positive pressure part: gravity type, 304 stainless steel counterweight
Negative pressure part: gravity type, 316L valve core weight
Surface treatment: sandblasting
Sealing material: EPDM
Optional: silicone rubber (q) and fluoroelastomer (FKM)
Working temperature: 4-95 ℃
Positive pressure take-off: 0.3-0.4bar (adjustable)
Negative pressure jump: 100-200 mm water column
Specification: DN65 ~ DN350

Technical characteristics of safety breathing valve for aseptic tank


Gravity type positive pressure opening and spring type positive pressure opening are optional
Thermal shock during normal cleaning will not affect the normal closing of the valve
CIP cleaning device is provided as standard
Standard equipped with sterile air pressure maintaining interface
The valve is designed with self discharge function
Pneumatic forced opening of positive pressure valve and negative pressure valve can be selected
Optional heat preservation and heating device




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