Double seat and dual-sealing forging mix-proof valve

The double seat and double seal anti mixing valve plays a very important role in the centralized control of intelligent automation process. In the international industry, the mainstream manufacturing process of high-end double seat double seal anti mixing valve is forged with original steel, and the valve body is finished by CNC machining center. We focus on the technical improvement of double seat and double seal anti mixing valve, and make progress in the world of international mainstream high-end valve. The original steel forging manufacturing process has a very strong steel, bearing higher acid and alkali under the action of temperature. The whole set of sealing ring of key parts of the valve is fully imported, so that the valve can operate stably on the process pipeline for a longer time. It has been widely used in dairy products, beer, beverage, condiment, biological fermentation and other industries.

CNC fine turning valve body with integrated forging and pressing
The upper and lower valve chambers act independently
Valve shaft and leakage chamber can be cleaned independently
Valve chamber with balance weight and water hammer function
Upper valve chamber with positioning and reducing valve cleaning flow function
The upper and lower valve chambers can be connected with clean steam to realize aseptic protection of valve cavities
Parts in contact with materials: AISI 316L or AISI 304
Applicable temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 95 ℃
Material pressure: 0-8 bar
Operating air pressure: 4-8 bar
Specification: DN25 ~ DN 100



精准动作 安全可靠

精准动作 安全可靠




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