Pharmaceutical grade pipe fittings series

Shanghai Yuan'an is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating the research and development and production of sanitary fluid equipment. The company provides professional centrifugal pumps, valves, steel pipes, pipe fittings and accessories for clean applications such as food, beverage, dairy products, personal care, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. Shanghai Yuan'an centrifugal pump, valve, steel pipe, pipe fittings and accessories are designed and manufactured in accordance with international advanced standards (such as DIN, SMS, ISO, 3a, asmebpe, etc.), and each process from raw materials to finished products is strictly controlled to ensure that each product has accurate size and excellent quality, so as to ensure the perfect combination with welding accessories. Beautiful appearance, smooth interior, excellent corrosion resistance and long service life are the outstanding features of Shanghai Yuan'an pipe fittings and accessories.

The company provides a variety of pipe fittings and accessories that meet the standards of DIN, SMS, ISO, 3a and ASME BPE, and the internal surface finish is between RA < 0.375 μ m and RA < 0.8 μ M.

Shanghai Yuan'an iso-bpe domestic common parts fully comply with (asme-bpe) surface treatment standard
Mechanical polishing: in accordance with asme-bpe SF1
Electropolishing: in accordance with asme-bpe SF4

Arc deflection diagram of automatic rail welding

According to asme-bpe 316L, Shanghai Yuan'an chooses German standard 1.4404 as the base material, and its sulfur content must be controlled within 0.005-0.017%, which is more suitable for automatic welding and can avoid arc deflection during welding.




Asme-bpe specifies the Ra value requirement and allowable range of metal material surface in contact with product / process material


Note (1):
When possible, all RA values are measured perpendicular to the polished grain;
A single RA reading is allowed to exceed the maximum value of RA in this table;
Other situations not exceeding the Ra value in this table can be agreed by the owner / user and the supplier;
Or any other surface treatment method that can meet the RA maximum value.

Mechanical grinding (MP)

The irregular mountain metal surface was removed by mechanical grinding and polishing process. The roughness of the metal surface was reduced to RA < 0.5 μ m by mechanical grinding, which met the requirements of asme-bpesf1 metal surface.



Electrolytic polishing (EP)

EP electropolishing process greatly improves the surface roughness of mechanical polishing. After electropolishing, the corrosion-resistant layer on the surface of the product reaches 20a ° - 30A °, which exceeds the asme-bpe15a ° standard, and the lower the risk of contamination in biomedical and semiconductor processes, meeting the requirements of asme-bpesf4 metal surface.




电解抛光后的固体膜厚度优于ASME BPE标准

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