Sanitary diaphragm valve

Shanghai Yuan'an sanitary diaphragm valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with international advanced standards (such as 3a, ASME BPE, en, DIN, SMS, ISO, etc.), and each process from raw materials to finished products is strictly controlled, and corresponding measuring tools and methods are used for strict inspection at each stage, so as to improve the accuracy and perfection of the products, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of the products Guarantee the excellent quality of products. These include but are not limited to the following contents: material inspection, dimension inspection, surface finish inspection, product appearance and identification inspection, etc. Before delivery, every product of Shanghai Yuanan must go through strict final inspection to ensure that every product sent to customers is of high quality.

The sanitary diaphragm valve of Shanghai Yuan'an is simple and compact in structure, easy to operate, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and suitable for installation in narrow space. The internal fluid channel is smooth without dead angle. The valve body and diaphragm have different materials and specifications to choose from. It can carry out CIP / SIP and withstand high pressure sterilization.

Shanghai Yuan'an sanitary diaphragm valve contains a complete product line, which can meet all the requirements of aseptic and ultra sanitary processing fields. It is widely used in medicine, food processing, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, microelectronic industry and fine chemical industry. The sanitary diaphragm valves of Shanghai Yuan'an include straight through diaphragm valve, T-type three-way diaphragm valve, U-type three-way diaphragm valve, tank bottom diaphragm valve, through valve body assembly conforming to GMP and sap through valve body combination. The diaphragm valve can also be designed according to customer requirements.

Diaphragm valve body material

Shanghai Yuan'an stainless steel diaphragm valve body includes casting, forging and other processing technology. According to en10204 3.1b standard, all 316L valve bodies in contact with medium shall be provided with corresponding material traceability certificate. The diaphragm valve body produced by Shanghai Yuan'an can be provided.


Diaphragm valve diaphragm

The diaphragm of Shanghai Yuan'an can be selected from soft synthetic rubber (EPDM) and rigid artificial rubber (PTFE + EPDM). Membrane materials are made of polymer materials produced by famous brands in Europe. They have obtained FDA and USP certificates respectively, which can meet all kinds of requirements of your process. As the diaphragm is both a dynamic part and a sealing mechanism, it always contacts with the fluid medium in the pipeline. Different working conditions have different requirements for the diaphragm. In order to select the most suitable diaphragm, the working pressure, application temperature and process fluid (product, cleaning fluid, disinfectant, passivation, etc.) should be considered. Soft synthetic rubber (EPDM) is suitable for most applications and is suitable for applications with higher operating temperatures. The typical characteristic of soft man-made rubber is its applicability to mechanical pollution medium. In addition, EPDM is suitable for continuous steam applications. Rigid artificial rubber (PTFE + EPDM) adopts a two-piece design, which allows PTFE and EPDM to work independently, which can reduce the tension caused by different thermal properties and have the highest degree of chemical stability.

Diaphragm is a vulnerable part, which must be tested and replaced regularly to avoid functional failure or dangerous situation. The service life of diaphragm is related to the type of diaphragm material, the type of contact medium, the temperature of medium and the pressure of medium acting on the diaphragm. Therefore, the inspection, replacement and maintenance cycle of diaphragm depends on the application. The maintenance history and loads caused by disinfection or switching frequency must be considered to determine the most appropriate maintenance cycle.

The following table lists the types and applicable working conditions of diaphragm for your reference


Recommended pressure temperature:


Note: 1) EPDM single diaphragm;

   2) PTFE + EPDM split diaphragm.

Standard interface size of diaphragm valve





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