Aseptic double tubesheet heat exchanger

Aseptic double tubesheet heat exchanger can be used to work under the condition of the highest hygienic level. Its unique design makes the heat exchanger compact, beautiful and generous, and can provide the maximum heat transfer performance. Its heat transfer efficiency is several times that of the traditional tubular heat exchanger, which can be widely used in the heating and cooling process of chemical, electronic and pharmaceutical industries.

The material flows in the tube side, and the refrigerant or hot medium flows in the shell side. The material and the cold and hot media conduct efficient heat exchange through compact tube bundles to meet the temperature requirements of the process. Due to the double tubesheet design of the heat exchanger, the two-way cross contamination between materials and hot and cold media is completely eliminated.

  • Material: 316L
  • Maximum working pressure: tube side 1.6Mpa, shell side 1.6Mpa
  • Maximum operating temperature:280℃
  • Internal and external surface finish:Ra0. 5μm

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