YAHH 料液混合泵

YAHH Mixing Pump

YAHH series material-liquid mixing pump is designed and developed by our company for customers, which can quickly realize the uniform mixing of powder and liquid. YAHH pump is composed of hopper butterfly valve, upper pump body, lower pump body, impeller, pump shaft, mechanical seal, connecting bracket, base and motor. When the pump is running, negative pressure is formed in the liquid re-pump cavity, and the powder is sucked into the pump cavity by the hopper. Under the centrifugal force and stirring effect of the impeller, the powder and the liquid are quickly dissolved with the liquid. Under the centrifugal force of the impeller, the dissolved liquid is discharged from the pump outlet. YAHH pump structure is simple, easy to use and maintenance, can meet the online CIP and SIP.

Material: 304(1.4301), 304L(1.4306), 316L(1.4404)
Scope of use: flow rate: ≤ 30m ³/h lift: ≤ 15m
Maximum temperature resistance: 180 ℃ (water cooling chamber shall be installed)




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