YPJ large flow centrifugal pump

YPJ series pumps are specially designed and developed by our company for customers for nearly 20 years. The characteristic is that the pump body is welded and formed with stainless steel plate thickness, with smooth surface, no fine pores and no casting defects. The pump cavity flow channel is optimized according to the principle of fluid dynamics to ensure smooth, soft and smooth material delivery, minimize the heating effect on the material, and ensure the efficient and stable work of the pump. The pump shaft of our company adopts special stainless steel, which has high hardness, good strength and good corrosion resistance. The connection between the pump and the motor adopts the design of the lengthened intermediate connection section. When the mechanical seal is replaced for subsequent maintenance, there is no need to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump or move the motor. The mechanical seal can be replaced only by removing the intermediate connection section. After replacing the mechanical seal, because the pump body and motor have not moved, there is no need to readjust the concentricity of the pump to ensure that the pump is in the same operating condition as the pump just leaving the factory after maintenance. Mechanical seal with external design, stable and reliable, more clean, fully meet the online CIP and SIP. Shanghai Yuanan YPJ series pumps have become one of the first choices for global users in the field of large flow sanitation.

All the steel plates of the pump head are welded and formed, and the high-precision grease lubricated bearings ensure a clean environment during use.
Convenient maintenance design: lengthen the middle connection section and remove the rear end cover for easy maintenance
Usage Flow: 100m³/h-1500m/h
Outlet pressure: up to 3.5bar
Motor power: 7.5 kw-110kw
Speed: 1450r/min




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