YAG stainless steel motor centrifugal pump

YAG series pump is our company specially designed for customers easy to disassemble sanitary centrifugal pump, which is characterized by the pump head and pump cover, import and export are quick connection, simple structure, easy disassembly. The outlet of the pump head is divided into left outlet and right outlet. The impeller adopts full-start impeller, which is divided into forward and reverse impellers. The pump shaft is made of special stainless steel with high strength and good hardness. This series of pumps fully meets the online CIP and SIP.

Material: 304(1.4301), 304L(1.4306), 316L(1.4404)
Use range: flow ≤ 15m3/h head: ≤ 20m
Maximum temperature resistance: 180 ℃ (water cooling chamber shall be installed)




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