YPE 高效耐压离心泵

YPE high efficiency pressure centrifugal pump

YPE series pumps are specially designed and developed by our company for customers, especially suitable for evaporators. The pump cover is made of stainless steel thickened forgings, with high strength, good rigidity, smooth surface and no fine pores. The pump cavity flow channel is optimized according to the principle of fluid dynamics to ensure that the material is transported smoothly, softly and smoothly, to minimize the heating effect on the material, to ensure that the pump is efficient and stable, and has good cavitation resistance. The pump shaft of our company adopts special stainless steel, which has high hardness, good strength and good corrosion resistance. The mechanical seal adopts classic built-in design, which is stable and reliable. The impeller adopts open design, which fully meets online CIP and SIP. Shanghai Yuanan YPE series sanitary pump has become the best choice under high vacuum and negative pressure conditions.

The pump body adopts spiral design, which is especially suitable for material conveying of concentration equipment.
Pump body material: SUS304, SUS316L
Usage flow rate: 1 m³/h-80m/h
Outlet pressure: up to 12bar
Motor power: 0.75 kw-37kw
Speed: 2900r/min




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