YKH 锻压-高标准卫生洁净离心泵

YKH forging-high standard sanitary clean centrifugal pump

YKH series pump is a forging-high standard sanitary and clean centrifugal pump developed by Shanghai Yuanan on the basis of 20 years of centrifugal pump production and technical summary, specially for customer technical innovation. The characteristic is that the stainless steel round steel for the pump body and the pump cover is solid-soluble and aging after being forged by a friction press, and is processed and formed by ABB manipulator and CNC machining center at one time. After forging processing, the surface is smooth, no fine pores, high hardness, good strength, high material compactness, and better corrosion resistance and cavitation resistance during long-term use. The pump body bears high pressure. The pump shaft of our company uses special stainless steel, which has high strength, hardness and strong corrosion resistance. The two materials are not easy to bite in high-speed operation, and are easy to disassemble during subsequent maintenance. The impeller adopts open design, by CNC processing molding, the high-precision dynamic balancing machine detection, to ensure that the pump is running more smoothly, low noise. The machine seal adopts external balance type, which is cleaner and more stable in use. The whole processing process adopts smooth transition, no dead angle, fully meets the requirements of aseptic hygiene, conforms to online CIP and SIP, conforms to the American 3A cleaning standard certification and European sanitary equipment EHEDG certification. Shanghai Yuanan YKH series forging-high standard sanitary clean centrifugal pump has become one of the first choice for global customers to transport fluids.

Fully open impeller, external machine seal is cleaner, forging pump head air closure is higher, can work normally under-0.9bar
0.75 kw-55kw using the same specifications machine seal
Pump body material: SUS304, SUS316L
Usage flow rate: 1 m³/h-200m/h
Outlet pressure: up to 8.5bar
Motor power: 0.75 kw-55kw
Speed: 2900r/min

YKH 锻压-高标准卫生洁净离心泵




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