YSP 低剪切正弦泵

YSP low shear sine pump

YSP series pumps are specially designed and developed by our company for customers. The characteristic is that YSP series pumps completely change the concept of traditional positive displacement pumps. The traditional positive displacement pump has pulse fluctuation when conveying materials, which causes the pump and pipeline system to vibrate. Sine pump due to the use of its impeller shaped like a sine wave of the sine surface, the impeller in the pump body, the sine surface of the impeller to create four alternating moving working chamber, so that there is no pulse fluctuation when conveying materials, thereby reducing the vibration of the pump and piping system. The special sine surface design of the impeller, the shear of the material is reduced to a minimum, especially suitable for the conveying of sensitive materials. In addition to the material contains larger particles, but also for the particles are not squeezed, shear damage, sine pump is the best choice. The pump shaft of our company uses special stainless steel, which has high strength, hardness and strong corrosion resistance. The two materials are not easy to bite in high-speed operation, and are easy to disassemble during subsequent maintenance. YSP series pump design structure is simple, easy to disassemble, fully meet the online CIP or SIP, replace any part of the pump body only ten minutes to complete.

Material: 304 (1.4301), 304L(1.4306), 316L(1.4404)
Scope of application: flow rate: ≤ 30m ³/h viscosity: ≤ 500000 CP
Maximum temperature resistance: 180 ℃ (water cooling chamber shall be installed)




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