YAR 高标准卫生转子泵

YAR high standard sanitary rotor pump

High standard sanitary rotor pump is a rotary positive displacement pump developed and manufactured by Shanghai Yuanan in 1999, which can be used to transport low, medium and high viscosity products. It integrates the most advanced sanitary design concept and can meet the increasing requirements of different customers for hygiene and cleanliness. After nearly 20 years of continuous updating and improvement, as well as the steady improvement of domestic metallurgy and manufacturing technology, it is now updated to the latest YAR model with better performance and longer service life. Features Cooperate with heavy-duty bearing frame and high-pressure imported bearings to ensure higher pump efficiency and longer service life. Pre-balanced mechanical seal, the machine seal is fully lubricated and has a longer life. Fully compliant with online CIP and SIP, compliant with USA 3A cleaning standards and European sanitary equipment EHEDG. Shanghai Yuanan YAR high standard health rotor pump has become one of the first choice of global customers.

Mainly to convey higher viscosity materials
Pump body material: SUS304, SUS316L
Usage flow rate: 1 m³/h-100m/h
Outlet pressure: up to 12bar
Maximum viscosity: 500000 CP

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