YFK 手动无菌取样阀

YFK Manual Aseptic Sampling Valve

Aseptic sampling valve, used to take samples from the tank or pipeline system under aseptic conditions. Steam sterilization and disinfectant disinfection can be carried out before or after each sampling.
It is mainly used in beer, wine, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical fields. It can be remotely controlled by the driving device or manually operated on site, and can be equipped with pneumatic driving device

Material: 304/316L
Seal ring: EPDM or silicone
Product pressure: maximum working pressure 0.6MPa
Temperature range: 1 ℃ -130 ℃
Maximum sterilization temperature: dry steam (2-3bar)-121 ℃ -134 ℃
Connection: welding, quick, thread


b、 关闭阀门,消毒





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