YAJZ pneumatic butterfly valve (intelligent type)

Shanghai Yuanan series is the main supplier of sanitary butterfly valves in the sanitary fluid equipment industry. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, simple maintenance and low-cost investment in engineering construction. It is one of the sanitary valves worth choosing in clean engineering construction.
YAJZ series pneumatic butterfly valve, can be divided into pneumatic butt welding butterfly valve, pneumatic quick loading butterfly valve, pneumatic external thread butterfly valve, pneumatic three piece wafer butterfly valve, widely used in dairy products, beer, beverage, juice, pharmaceutical engineering and other fields.

Valve and material contact part: AISI 304 or AISI 316L
Temperature range:-10 ℃ to 95 ℃ (higher temperature selection of fluorinated rubber)
Sealing material: EPDM (EPDM)
Specifications: DN15 ~ DN200 ISO19.05 ~ ISO101.6




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