Single-seat double-seal anti-mixing valve

The manufacturing process of the mainstream high-end anti-mix valve in the international industry, the valve body is made of raw steel forging, and the CNC machining center is finished turning forming process. Shanghai Yuanan focuses on the design and development of sanitary valves, and has been leading the forefront of technology in the industry. In the research and development of technical engineers, the original process is upgraded to the forging production process, and the technology goes hand in hand in the world of international mainstream high-end valves. Raw steel forging manufacturing process, has a very strong steel, under the action of temperature to withstand higher acid and alkali, the key parts of the valve sealing ring set of imports, so that the valve for a longer time stable operation in the process pipeline.

Fully upgraded forging full valve body
External CIP cleaning connecting pipe
Upper and lower valve seats can be set up to realize multi-valve connection of valve array

Parts in contact with material: AISI 316L or AISI 304
Applicable temperature:-10 ℃ to 95 ℃
Material pressure: 0-8 bar
Operating air pressure: 4-8 bar
Specifications: DN25 ~ DN100

Working principle







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