API6D Chinese version

(Chinese version) ASME-B16.34-2004

Plate flat welded steel pipe flange GB-T9119-2010

National Food Safety Standard for Stainless Steel Products GB9684-2011

Stainless Steel European Standard Chinese Version EN10088

Stainless steel steel plate and steel belt for pressure equipment GB 24511-2009

German standard material standard EN10269-1999

Flange and wafer connection elastic sealing butterfly valve GB, T12238-2008

National Standard GB-T12459-2017 for Steel Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

Valve test pressure test standard GBT-13927-2008

National Standard GB_T13401-2017 Technical Specification for Steel Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

Industrial Valves-National Standard for Pressure Test GBT-13927-2008-

Steel insert plate gasket ring 8-shaped blind plate for pipeline HG-T 21547-1993

National Ministry of Chemical Industry Standard for Steel Pipe Flanges (Class Series) HG-20615-2009

Standard of the Ministry of Chemical Industry for Steel Pipe Flanges HG20592-2009

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